Building a Strong Self-Esteem

As the music begins to play, Tamaka and the Empress start into a magical routine with Doves appearing and colorful scarves. They end with a small table floating in the air. Then we do something with audience partisapation that involves one of the students. From there we begin the part of our program that shares how to have a strong self-esteem.
To make choices that would be good for us, we need to feel good about ourselves and have confidence after getting all the facts that the choices we are making are ones that will have a positive impact in our lives. This is the theme of every performance. We share principles that every age group can practice. We end with one illusion.

This is how our performances builds, then we would close with an illusion that would leave a lasting impression. Like the picture on this page, (bottom right hand corner), we would use this suspension to show the young people that if we first accept who we are and learn from those around us, no matter if it is a teacher, parent, or concern friend, with the knowledge we get we can make the right choices and seem to be able to do what we thought was impossible for us to do.

Our program is 35 minutes in length and requires us to have a one and a half hour set up time. If you are having more than one assembly, we need time between assemblies, usually no more than 20 minutes, to reset for the other assemblies. We have a CD player that can plug into the schools PA system. We would also need to plug our wireless mic into that PA system.

This program is very popular during Red Ribbon Week, but can be used anytime.





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Linking Rings Performing Arts Group