Stories of Little Wolf

As the performance opens Tamaka comes out in a tuxedo with Native American bead work on it. The music is contemporary Native American. The audience knows they are in for a treat. As the music plays, Tamaka runs a scarf through this hand when all of a sudden a flame appears in his hand, then his hand covers the flame as his arm lowers and then Tamaka raises his hand back up and a Dove appears in flight fight in front of him. The performance continues with many things going on.

Later Tamaka would share a story told by the Choctaw Nation on how they received fire. This is a story that has been handed down from one generation to the next. Tamaka is tearing a newspaper up at the same time, only to restore it as the story reveals how even if the spider may be the smallest animal to go and get the fire, we can achieve our goals no matter what size we are, as long as we have a plan.

There is audience partisapation, fun stories, and Magic.

This program is 35 minutes in length and requires a one and a half hour set up time. We will also need a 20 minute reset time if we are doing more than on assembly. We will bring a CD player that can be plugged into the schools PA system.





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