Tales of our Ancestors

The program starts to Contemporary Asian music. Tamaka and the Empress are in costumes that were made for the Chinese Opera. Their routine ends with a table that floats in the air.
The Empress shares some of the stories her Grandfather would tell her when she was growing up. Some of these stories were also instructions on what the family were to do when special occasions or family gatherings would take place. The Empress even shares how she had a dream to become a dancer and her Grandfather would encourage her to follow that dream, and in the story a red scarf starts to dance with her.

Tamaka would share why it is a Chinese custom to hang a red banner on the front door during Chinese New Year. This is the story of Nien, a mean dragon.

These are some of the things you will get in our Tales of our Ancestors as we belive that the more we know of other cultures, the better we will understand each other and this leads to how we can learn to live with each other in peace. The program is 35 minutes in length and requires a one and a half hour set up time. Then we need a 20 minute reset time for more than one assembly. We bring our CD player that can be plugged into the schools sound system. If the school doesn't have a sound system let us know when you are booking a show and we will provide a system.

Stories that explain and teach why different traditions are practiced in this ancient culture.





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