The Mission of Linking Rings Performing Arts Group is to increase young peoples knowledge and emphasize positive skills so that they will become successful adults. We do this through Stories, Dance, and Magic Theatre.

Building a Strong Self-Esteem program is where we share different ways to help one see they are someone and need to respect ones self in order to make positive choices.

We are asking for your help. Whenever the State budget needs to be cut for whatever reason, they seem to take out funds from the schools.

This has impacted on us as well other performers. The schools who want our program can't have us come because they don't have the funding for assembly programs anymore.

If you make pledges through the JUST GIVE organization that handles our donations, you will be helping us raise the funding to cover some of our production cost.
Just click on the DONATE NOW BUTTON, and fill in the amount you would like to pledge.
We are a California non-profit organization with a 501c3.
All pledges are a tax deduction.

If you are wanting folklore that is from the Asian Culture, this program combines not only folklore, but authentic costumes from China. The folklore teach and explain why different traditions are practiced in this ancient culture.
To hear stories from the Native American Culture, then click here to read more about this program that shares stories that have been handed down from one generation to the next by many of the 500 tribes

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Linking Rings Performing Arts Group
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Past Sponsors:
Kelloggs Foundation, S.F. Foundation

Fleishhacher Foundation, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

Jaidin Consultants, League of Volunteers of Fremont